Have Bibles and world maps and ready to travel!

Heart for Missions

We want to help your students develop a proper world view.  Through sermons, skits, and singing we want to help your youth group develop a heart...

Practical, Bible Lessons

It is our desire to be a voice for the Text! Our young preachers will challenge your young people from God’s Word.

Archery Tag

Our team has been trained and uses only officially, licenses Archery Tag brand equipement. You can learn more about the sport at ArcheryTag.com...

Outreach to Community

  We want to encourage your teenagers to be inovled in missions by being active in outreach in their community. We would like to take them...

Warning: We will challenge all your students to become disciple-makers and ask God for the opportunity to take the Gospel to the nations!

Example Schedule

  • Our team would arrive at 10:00 am to set up.
  • Your youth group  would arrive at 12:00 pm for lunch and to meet the team.
  • From 1:00 – 2:30 pm we will challenge and encourage your youth group through preaching and teaching sessions.
  • We would teach your young people how to play Archery Tag and play from 2:45 – 3:30 pm
  • We would return to the church for a meal at 5:30 pm, unless the hosting church would like to prepare a meal for all those who will attend the Archery Tag Tournament.
  • We would then prepare to go out into the community to invite teenagers to our 6:00 pm Archery Tag tournament. We would prepare and print the promotional material and have it mailed to you in advance.
  • At 6:00 pm we would host an Archery Tag tournament followed by an evangelistic service.
  • We would end the night in prayer with your students.

Cost & Resources Needed

  • We would like for you to provide lunch and dinner for our traveling team.
  • We would ask that you pay for the promotional material we would send to your church for your youth group to distribute (estimated cost $30-$50 depending on the amount requested)
  • We would ask you cover the cost of gas to travel to your church.
  • We would need a field or parking lot for Archery Tag.

Schedule the Traveling Team today!

Our Teams travel on Wednesdays during the Summer and on Saturdays throughout the school year.