Announcement concerning the 2019 Camp Season


Missionaries + Location + Discipleship

Wonderful Opportunity

God has given us the resources to create a wonderful camp! We have a team of missionaries who desire to invest their lives into the next generation through discipleship. We have the strong belief that we should be equipping students for ministry. These facts coupled with our great partnership with Sand Mountain Bible Camp has brought us to a place to offer two weeks of camp in 2019!

Testimonies from Youth Pastors & Campers

I was very excited for this year's OG Camp, this being my second time going, and it was better than I imagined it could be! I love so many things about this year's camp! The preaching (and preachers) really encourage me, because it's very inspiring to see people just like myself, and not much older than myself, who are already serving the Lord on both fields foreign and local. This camp makes it easy to focus on what really matters, not just temporal things. The fellowship with other Christian teenagers is also incredible! It is a vital part of our Christian walk to fellowship with other believers, and what better way to fellowship than bunking with them for four consecutive nights? Not only do you make new friends while at camp, but it's also a great time for your youth group to grow closer together. The games this year were awesome, especially for someone like me who is out of shape. There were plenty of laughs, competition and camaraderie. I had a fantastic time at OG Camp and was sad to leave. I would more than encourage you to come to OG Camp, it will be a week you neither regret or forget!

Nevan Illick2018 Camper
Nevan Illick

God really used this camp in my life! I can't wait to return and invest a week into the life of some teenagers! This place is awesome!

Nate FrancisMissionary to China
Nate Francis

I love missions. I love food. So it is only natural that I love this camp!

Gregory KeelenSenior
Gregory Keelen

Guiding Principles

  • We want your students to spend time with foreign-missionaries. All of the missionaries come to the camp at their own expense. They have volunteered their time because they want to spent time investing into the life your students!
  • We believe, due to our new identity in Christ, that every one of students should be desiring and working towards being life-long disciple-makers. It is our prayer that many of them will join other OG Camp Alumni and do this on the mission field! We hope and pray that all of them will be better prepared to be joyful, disciple-makers in whatever context God places them.
  • We want you to grow individually, but also as a youth group. We know youth workers are giving of their time to be here so they can help their students grow! Time is set aside every night to meet and pray with your youth group. Our “individual campers” will be assigned to groups and will meet with a camp worker.
  • No group of people in the world should be having more fun than a group of Christians gathered for a week of summer camp! We have worked to put together a schedule and activities that we believe will be awesome! We need you to meet this schedule and time with the right attitude. One of the greatest contributions you can give to this camp is to have a great attitude.
Very Affordable
$200 (Until May 1st)
We have been very intentional to keep the cost of camp as affordable as possible. We know that many of the teenagers you desire to bring with your youth group may not have the resources to attend camp and you will be raising the funds for them.

Countdown to May 1st


Sample Schedule

Looking at our 2018 Camp Handbook is a great way to get idea of our daily schedule at camp!

Download 2018 Camp Handbook

Princeton Pledge

One of the great traditions of the Our Generation Missions Camp is the Princeton Pledge also known as the Volunteer Pledge. This pledge was first established during the time of the “Student Volunteer Movement” by the Princeton Missionary Society. We believe that is is a committment all believers should be able and willing to make.

“We hold ourselves willing and desirous to do the Lord’s work wherever He may call us, even if it be in the foreign lands.”

On this day _________, the ______ of _________ in the year of ________ I am publicly acknowledging my surrender to the King of Heaven. My decision is not to a country or a vocation but to a person being The Lord Jesus Christ! I do not take this decision lightly nor do I take with the thought that I am doing anything beyond what would be my reasonable service. Today I change my default setting in life from “stay” to “go”. I have signed my life over to Jesus Christ and His mission on Earth for Him to use my life in any capacity or place He may see fit. I count it as the greatest honor in the entire world to serve the God of Heaven and today I publicly confess that there will be no limitations on how God may lead my life.

In following the great example of missionaries, pastors, and dedicated laymen of the past and most importantly in the example given to us by Jesus Christ, I humbly and voluntarily sign this Volunteer Pledge.


What will we do?

What will we eat?